The body and the mind

Your body can handle almost anything. It is your mind that you need to convince.

This phrase recalls me to a running race which I did last summer in Finland. I defined different intensities for me to do during the race so I could reach my best performance and play (on a good way) with my heart rate zones.

A bit before the end of the race I had to run hard for 2km.. I thought “How? So tired already…” But I gave it a try, I speed up and I was able to keep the pace for these 2km! It was impressive and rewarding, sometimes we just need to try. We will only know for sure if we try.

I have now finished the 1st month of my training program!


Half way through, it is getting closer to the finale… Not sure if this is good or bad…

This week had some crazy sprint training, like this one:

10min walk
8x (500 meters Hard Run + 3min rest)
5min walk

I was sweating like crazy! Due to the short distance I tried my best to be on pace 5 and 5:15! And I did it! I am just not sure how I will keep that up for 10km.. But ok.

Then a 10km training came and I tried to keep on pace 5:30 most of the time, I did a pretty good job.

Ok, ok, alright… But… Why am I doing this?
Because I want to lower down my pace or increase my running speed. And for such, I have a proper training program which is taking me to my target:

10km below 50min.

And here comes another awesome phrase:

Random training, random results.

If you have a goal, take the chance to have a proper training, this way you will track your performance and achievements instead of feeling frustrated by going nowhere after all.
And repeat.
This is the beauty, this is how we start running and never stop! Because one goal comes after the other and so on.

Have a good one! Keep smiling, shining and running 🙂

Flavia Grohmann

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