Get Compensated $ on Flights

Let me share with you how to get compensated on delayed or canceled flights.

Just like peanut butter and jelly or as we say in Brazil cheese and guava, there are some irresistible combinations and now: have you had the opportunity to Run and Travel?

For those interested in this “modality”: Running and Traveling – it is very useful to know a website that intermediates the passenger and the airlines in terms of compensating the passenger for any delay, cancellation or overbooking of the flights.

If you are an air traveler, you probably have spent some time at airports waiting for delayed flights and tight connections, right?

There are some companies which intermediate the passenger and the airline such as AirHelp, RefundMyTicket, GreenClaim, Refund.Me, Skycop, ClaimFlights, EuClaim, so on…

All we gotta do is to inform the flight number details which were delayed, canceled or overbooked in the last three years, and these companies will present the rights and benefits of the passenger referring to what happened.

It is a service that facilitates the work of the passenger, so he/she doesn’t need to write a complaint letter for each incident of each airline. I easily and for free checked several of my flights through AirHelp, but it could have been any other and so let me share two examples which happen to me and we can simulate it together.

In this first example I was on my way to Germany to participate in the race “17a Neumarkter Stadtlauf” on September 18, 2016 with a friend who lived there.

I was already in the airport when suddenly an aircraft at the airport in Riga (capital of Latvia, I was already in another country) identified a problem in one of the engines and so the airplane stopped in the middle of the runway, where the airplane takes off and lands. Because of that, the airport canceled ALL arrival and departure flights!

Chaos! The airport which was already pretty full as the time passed it became so crowded.
When I checked my ticket exchange options, the only available flight was for at least another 24 hours. And my race was gonna be the next morning in Germany.

Lesson learned: in a race that requires traveling, it is recommended to arrive at the race city at least 2 days in advance because many things can happen during the journey.

My friend ended up running in that race and since she had picked up my bib number and running package, I received from her on my mailbox the race t-shirt. Hehehe..

In that case I ended up returning to Tallinn on the same day and I got my ticket refunded from the airline. Now, let’s investigate this incident using AirHelp:

I signed up into AirHelp, I entered my flight details and clicked on Check Compensation.

A few more steps about the ticket and Claim ticket was created for me saying that I might be compensated for €250 in this case.
It also asked me for 2 attachments:

  • My e-ticket
  • Sign up a Power of Attorney PDF which I allow AirHelp to represent me on the process

An email was also sent to me with this Claim ticket number and link to access it and follow the progress. NICE!

Is this service for free? In this case the AirHelp will keep part of the Claim refund, as it already displayed on the claim ticket:

Your compensation €162.50
Flight Compensation €250.00
Service Fee €87.50

This Claim is still in process.
Let’s see!

Now let’s go to example 02 …

This second example was a leisure trip which my flight went from Palma de Mallorca, in Spain, to Tallinn, here in Estonia, with a connection in Copenhagen, which was delayed. I didn’t remember how long the delay was, but for us who are waiting at the airport, worried about the connection, without having much to do, it seems like an eternity! See what AirHelp replied:

“Unfortunately, this flight is not eligible for compensation.

In the case of flight delays, airlines are only required to pay compensation when the flight’s arrival is delayed by three hours or more.

We are sorry we couldn’t help on this occasion, but do think of us if you have any flight disruptions in the future – we’re always here to help.”

If you have experienced any flight delays in the last three years, it is worth a researching on any of these service providers, cause maybe you can be compensated.

You don’t have to pay anything just by checking if you are eligible so why not?

In parallel, you can also always send a complaint letter directly to the airline and pay no fees for any intermediate service.

That’s it, runners and travelers, why not combine these two practices and become fit travelers, as well as runners abroad?

I hope I could add some good and helpful information to you!

If you have anything to share, go ahead and comment below!

Bye-bye, tchau!

Flavia Grohmann


This is also available on my YouTube Channel, which by the way, have you subscribed yet? 🙂

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