Why you should have a WEBSITE besides the Social Media Channels

Hello coach! How is the weather over there? Getting ready for the summer? Or what’s the season currently from where you are?

Here in Estonia we are heading to the summer! Exciting! 🙂

Now let’s talk about a subject which I recently spoke on a LIVE: Website.

Do you think that a website is important nowadays? Especially with so many social media channels?

Well, yes it is.

A website is our most powerful tool for communication.

It is a unique way to connect directly with the world, without any intermediate tool between us and our prospect. Whether we choose to create a website to share our passion for music, inform people of our business, sell products or fitness coaching services. There are no boundaries to what we can do!

A Website is a collection of related web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a domain name and published on at least one web server. Examples of websites are amazon.com, bestbuy.com, apple.com

A business website is not a page full of mixed information just to have something written there, with a couple of pictures. Instead, it should have organized sessions about us as a professional, our services or products, our contacts, keywords and the most important which many people ignore: a CTA. Which means Call To Action.

For example, we have described our services of fitness coaching and right after it, we place a button saying “Request a Running Plan” or “Get in Contact with the Coach”. This way the prospect reads our services and can already start to build a relationship with us.

The Website is our Virtual Storefront to turn visitors into prospects and eventually into clients.

The way to do this is to identify the major user types visiting our website, speak to their needs and give them a clear action step to take next: a free training session, a 3 months training plan, a talk test assessment, you name it!

Another perception about a website is that it is our base-camp. It is there where we can be found and people can see in more details who we are, our services, our social media channels where we distribute our content, our contacts and some CTAs, as mentioned before.

You might think “I don’t know IT I would have to pay for such…”

Not really, today we have very easy and free online website builders available.

Also other people might say: “I used to have a website but I don’t know how to update it so it became useless.”

I can see that, but with the easy available website builders you will be the editor of your own website, keeping it up to date adding tons of news on your own.

Now, a mistake of many people is that they have the information randomly distributed on their website making it so hard to navigate and actually understand what the services or products are.

It is important for us fitness coaches to have the main sessions of our services described and clear on our website, such as:

  • Top menu with the links for each session on the page
  • Header image with our main goal on a text phrase and maybe with a CTA button “Find Your Plan”
  • What we are offering
  • Who we are
  • What are our online channels which we share our content
  • Testimonials
  • Q&A – Questions and Answers

I have a fresh example of it with my free webclass website: onlinefitbiz.com

There you will see most of these mentioned sessions.

And another very important detail is to set the website page keywords for search engines such as google to be able to find us according to the users searched words!

All you gotta do is to place into the of your website pages the 2 tags below replacing your own information inside the quotation marks of content:

This second tag with our brief description will be displayed on the google result searched, for example when I searched for “runningpeaks.com”:


If you want to start building your website or review it, besides making me very happy and proud, see below a few guidelines for it:

  • Look at some fitness coaches websites online and get some ideas
  • On paper for example, draw:
    • Your Top menu with the links
    • Your Header with an image and your main goal on a phrase
    • What You are offering
      • List and describe your services
    • Who you are
      • Use a good picture of your, you can take it at a Park, in the gym
      • Write a description about yourself
    • Where you share your content
      • Which social media channels you are with a button redirecting to each one
    • Testimonials
      • Collect Testimonials of your services, ask to your current or old clients
    • Q&A
    • Contact
    • Footer
  • Do you have a LOGO? If so, then have it ready, on a high resolution so it will look pretty on the website. If not, think about how you imagine it to be (text, image) make some drawing
  • Select the colors of you website, which will match with the LOGO

Once you have it all, then you think about how you will build your website. There are many free and super modern website templates available, also tons of others starting from $10.

You can select a few templates that you like and then edit it, placing your own content which you already wrote.

Some website template examples for you to take a look are:




Ok! I hope you could have some new perception about the advantage of having a website to your fitness services.

If you have questions, any doubts, about editing a template, social media, websites, anything regarding online fitness business, don’t hesitate and send a message here or on my social media channels, I will be happy to reply!

Thank you,

Flavia Grohmann

For this article in YouTube, watch below:

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